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We can give your business a corporate identity with our creative team of brand strategists.

Branding Agency Liverpool

Our Liverpool branding agency offers everything  from graphic design to sales collateral. We can develop a coherent branding strategy thats authentic, engages with your target audience and conveys your core values.

Logo design

Arguably the most pivotal part of creating a successful brand; the logo. Your logo will be everywhere, on your website, on your letterheads, business cards, buildings, everything. It’s often the first point of contact that your customers will have with you, so it needs to connect with them. A brand that can connect, is a brand that can gain and retain business. The logo is the cherry on top, the star on top of the Christmas tree, the emodiment of you as an organisation and what you represent.  Here at Found at one, we have graphic designers that are creative thinkers who can apply branding theory to create a logo you can be proud of. 

Web Design

Your website is often the first thing prospective customers will see. So you need to have a website that is coherent with your brand. We can provide website design for your company, or if you’re not looking to have your website changed, we can advise on alterations and correspond with your web designer or web team to ensure that it is coherent and shows your company in the best light possible.

Brand Guidelines

If your logo is the star on trop of the Christmas tree, your brand guidelines are certainly the trimmings. Having a logo is one thing, but if you don’t have a coherent set of brand guidelines then your customers will be confused. This is more than just a colour scheme, this is typography, writing style, imagery, logo positioning, size, spacing and much more. We can develop a branding strategy for you and a guidelines document to be sent around your business so that when new documentation is produced, its coherent with your brand. Coherent branding is imperative in building and maintaining the integrity of your brand. 

Sales Collateral

For those businesses with dedicated sales people on the road, its imperative that they approach a “smarketing” approach, whereby your sales team are aligned with your brand. Supplying your sales team with sales collateral is an important part of this. Whether it be business cards, broschures or leaflets. You can equip your on the road salesteam with all the weapons they need to secure the sale and build your brand. Below are some of the sales collateral we can provide:

Business Cards

We can design and print business cards that align with your brand. Business cards are still a great tool to use on the road, especially at conferences and corporate events. Business cards can provide a personal contact and desired first impression to transform leads into sales. 

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are often equipped with one way tickets to the bin.  Which is why they absolutely need to be creative in providing value to the recipient. One question we constantly ask ourselves when we develop brochures and flyers is; so what? The so what question can quickly establish if you need brochures and flyers or if you need to provide more value to the recipient.  
Here is a flyer. So what? The flyer lists all the goods and services we offer. So what? it provides information on how we differ and excel from our competition. So what? The information also details how you can enhance your business by choosing our services over your competitors. So what? the flyer also contains a complimentary offer for you. Now you’re talking!

Powerpoint Presentation Templates

 Often your sales people will be out on the road, providing powerpoint presentations to potential customers at conferences or at company addresses. Even the best sales guys can’t sell a shoddy presentation. Thats why we can produce powerpoint templates that are coherent with your brand, and can be reused for multiple presentations and CPD’s, and ensure an awe of proffesionalism.

PDF’s and Technical Documentation

Whether your sales team are armed with iPads at trade shows and conferences, or you simply need technical data sheets and other PDF downloadables available on your website, everything must be singing from the same hymn sheet. Often these downloadable PDF’s are used to consider your products or learn more about the technical specifications of them, so they must show your brand in the best light and be uniform.  Here at Found at one, we can produce unifrom PDFs that are uniform, easy to understand and are coherent with your website and general brand. 

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