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Website Design in Liverpool

Aesthetics and performance. These are the two fundamental pillars of every website we develop for our clients, and these two pillars are more intertwined than you might realise. The user experience (UX) of a website is vitally important, and a well designed website with a great UX will often involve better experiences for your customers and increase your conversion rates. We always lead with the latest research in UX, because we want your site to perform well, however it is always the clients choice first and foremost whether they intend to take our advice or not. 


Primarily we use WordPress for our web design projects. WordPress is the market leading content management software, and even our own site is designed using WordPress. WordPress is a fantastically versatile and agile CMS which is why we use it, moreover it powers 35% of all websites across the web, including fortune 500 companies such as Sony and Forbes. 

It is, by far the market leader with a 68% market share in the CMS market, but some of the main reasons we use WordPress is becasue we like to empower our clients. WordPress is a fairly straight forward CMS, which allows our clients to control their own destiny. Many of our clients have had hard coded websites built from scratch which has led to a multitude of problems, one of the main being that they require the person who designed the website initially to be able to fix and make changes to the site at all times, which is hugely costly, and clients feel as though they are held at ransom. With WordPress, our clients are empowered to leave us whenever they wish to. We think this is a much fairer way of doing business. 

What do I need to get a brand new website designed?

First of all, you’ll need a domain name. A domain name can normally be bought from as little as 99p, but we can sort this for you if you need us to. A domain name is the website URL that you type in to visit a website, for example, if you wanted to go to our website, you would go to www.foundatone.com. That is our domain name. 

You’ll also need a host. If you’re unaware of hosting, it is basically a computer that remains on all the time to ensure that your website is available 24-7. Hosting needs to be safe and secure. We offer a multitude of hosting options for our clients, but we always advise going for the safer hosting option. 

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