Digital PR

A plugged-in Digital PR agency.

Our team of Digital PR specialists are veterans when it comes to creating noise and hype around a business. With over 5 years of experience in Digital PR, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve created a plethora of extremely successful campaigns that have fuelled our data set, allowing us to create data-led Digital PR campaigns with confidence. We’re a Digtal PR agency that’s plugged-in, with our finger on the pulse.

It's who you know.

Having worked in the industry for many years, our Digital PR team have built up relationships with some of the worlds most renowned media outlets and journalists. The relationships we’ve built up with journalists fundamentally comes down to trust. They trust us to provide them with compelling campaigns that are not only relevant to their publication, but stimulating for their readership. This is what makes our campaigns irresistible to journalists.

Our Approach to Digital PR.

Our approach to Digital PR is slightly different to many other Digital PR agencies in the sense that we opt for a hybrid of traditional and digital. For us, it’s just as important to maintain and promote your businesses image as it is getting links. Traditional PR is focussed on improving your brands reputation, but just focussing on this may not get any tangible benefits, in terms of SEO. Whereas link building alone can often come with some very tangible SEO benefits, it can often come at the detriment of a brands reputation with campaigns that are bordering unethical and irrelevant to the brands industry.  Building expertise, authority and trust (EAT) have long been a part of Googles search quality rater guidelines, and with our model we can achieve all three.

We're proactive.

 Creating content that vibes is at the heart of what we do, and we will go to any lengths necessary to ensure that your content marketing campaigns vibe with journalists and the wider public.  Whether it be hours of meticulous research,  primary and secondary data sourcing or even Freedom of Information requests, we’ll ensure your campaign is authentic and relevant to your brand whilst being irresistible to journalists. Combine this with an “always on” approach to digital PR we can react to breaking news and trends to ensure your brand is at the forefront of highly topical issues allowing a stable flow of links and media placements. 

We're reactive.

Our team have their finger on the pulse, constantly monitoring new trends and breaking news that’s relevant to your brand. With our “always on” approach, we’re able to capitalise on topical issues offering thought leadership and opinion commentary as well as nimble content marketing campaigns that can acquire a flurry of links and coverage.  The relationship we’ve built up with journalists over the last 5 years means that we’re often first choice when it comes to requests for expert commentary and opinions.

Digital PR Services

For most businesses we recommend a blend of both reactive and proactive Digital PR, but our Digital PR strategies will always be formed on an individual basis.  We want to make sure that our strategy is in line with your business objectives, reaching the people you want to reach and getting placed in the publications that are the right fit for your business. Below are all but a few of the PR tactics we can implement as part of your wider strategy.


With newsjacking we can acquire links in highly coveted publications through reacting to current affairs with opinion pieces and expertise. We can also jump on future news articles with requests for expert opinions from journalists. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing allows us to create content that vibes. We can produce link bait content through large scale data pieces, visualisations, interactive assets and more that land links on highly relevant and authoritative media outlets.

Product PR

Our Digital PR team can create noise about your a new or existing product  through product PR campaigns, and more gaining highly reputable links in the process to deep pages which are notoriously hard to get links to. 

Thought Leadership

We can help the people in your business become renowned for their expertise, creating a legacy for your brand as a team of experts in their field whilst driving your brands authority and trust.

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