The low-down.

 Kingspan is a household name in the construction industry for it’s insulated panels, but has also provided beautiful architectural facades for a number of high profile structures and sought an increase in LinkedIn followers as well as organic traffic.

Found at one focussed on the areas of Social Media and SEO.

Sky scraping rankings 🏗


In order to increase organic traffic, we needed to conduct a full SEO audit to grasp any technical concerns that there may be. This was incredibly important, as issues such as page speed, broken links and others can be a headache for busy architects. Following the technical audit we then proceeded into keyword research, utilising the sites natural authority to rank highly on search terms that our competitors were using. With this strategy we managed to increase organic traffic by 24% with a number of page one rankings.

Building a colossal following .

Social Media.

Being a B2B organisation, it was important to focus on B2B platforms. So Linkedin was an obvious choice, but in depth research found that there were a growing amount of architects on Instagram. A huge push on both platforms with a strategy which focussed primarily on rich media as well as informative pieces led to a huge increase in followers, from 2500 to over 5000 on Linkedin within the space of 5 months and the development of the Instagram page gaining over 600 followers through just organic posting.

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