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You want to increase your leads and you’ve realised that getting to the top of Google is a good place to start. You’re right. 96% right. Because 96% of users won’t even click on the second page. The second page may be great for hiding a dead body, but not for leads. But you’re in the right place to remedy that. Our SEO agency; Found at one specialises in just that. Getting your business found at one.

Our name is our mantra.

We live and breathe SEO. In fact it’s where our name comes from. Our mission as a specialist SEO agency is to get you found at the top of google, to be found at one.
Despite our SEO agency being just two years old, our team have a wealth of digital marketing experience spanning over 20 years, across multiple industries. Construction, finance, health, retail and more. We’ve got the t-shirt βœ…πŸ‘•

Being a newbie in the agency space, we’ve got a point to prove.
perhaps a chip on our shoulders. We’re determined to bring our innovative approach to SEO to your business. We want you as a case study. We want you to rave about us. We want to empower you. We want you to grow with us. long term. Empowering brands to grow with SEO that delivers is at the core of any SEO agency. But our dedication and enthusiasm for your business is what makes us different. So how about it? You in?


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An SEO agency with their finger on the pulse.

SEO is synonymous with change. Google is constantly refining the algorithm, with two huge updates already this year. Yikes! 😰
Keeping tabs on the Google merry-go-round is a full time job in itself. So adding that to your never-ending list of tasks to do as a business owner often mean’s it won’t be done effectively, another department will be neglected. Or even worse – both.
It’s why SEO agencies like ours exist. If Google so much as moves a muscle, we’re on it. Applying our insight to your business. To get the best results, you need to employ the best people.

An SEO Agency for ambitious brands.

We’re confident that we provide the best SEO service that money can buy. Why? We’re a new player in the agency market. We have a point to prove, maybe even a chip on our shoulders. But we know our fresh take on SEO works. And we want your faith in us to be rewarded with phenomenal results. With us, you’re not a small client in a big agency pond. You’re a huge part of our upward trajectory. We want you to be our next case study. We want you to tell your friends about us. Because when you look good, we look good.
Our enthusiasm and championing of your brand will get you far, but only if it’s matched ambition.

When you’re looking for an SEO agency, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

With our SEO insight, and cooperation from your business, we can help to:

Let’s talk SEO

If you’re wondering if your business needs SEO, wanting to know more about us or would like a free no obligation quote on our SEO services then please fill the form and we’ll be back in touch within 24 hours.

How We Deliver Phenomenal Results.

SEO Auditing

The first and arguably most important part of an SEO strategy. Our audit analyses every part of your websites SEO, highlighting errors that can be fixed to help improve your ranking. We personally audit your website ourselves with the help of cutting-edge industry software to give you a fully comprehensive and bespoke SEO strategy. Our SEO strategies are always done with you in mind. So that if you happened to decide against investing in SEO short term or decided to go with someone else then they would be able to pick this up with ease.

SEO Agency Audit

Competitor Analysis

Next we have a nosey at what your competitors are up to. With a competitor analysis we can identify opportunities that you can capitalise on and make SEO gains. We also look at the strengths of your competitors that you may not have. We’ll look at what they do well and you don’t, as well as what you do well and they don’t.

Content Strategy

If you’ve been shopping around for an SEO agency, you’re bound to have heard the famous quote “Content is king”. And as much as it pains us to repeat agency lingo, content really is king. Our content strategy will discover gaps in your web content from the audit and opportunities that we can capitalise on, all supplemented by thorough keyword research.

SEO Agency Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO fixes are a very important part of your overall SEO strategy but it can also improve your user experience and conversion rate when optimal. The initial SEO audit will have revealed technical SEO errors for us to fix to ensure your site is fast, crawlable and indexable. Giving you a technically sound website that works for Google, and more importantly; your customers.

Content pruning and link building

Content isn’t something that can be dumped online and forever sustain it’s rankings. It requires consistent work on a long term basis to be effective. Content quickly becomes out of date, and while you’re resting on your laurels, your competitors are modifying, refining, and upgrading their content and closing the gap on rankings. So as part of our service we always implement periodical content pruning to make sure your content is the best it can be. As well as this, we implement link building on a constant basis to not only bring extra traffic to your site but to increase your expertise, authority and trust from Google’s perspective.

SEO Agency Link Building

Grow your
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It’s time to take your Chester business to the next level with SEO.