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If you’re in need of some help getting your business to the top of the search engines then you’re in the right place. Found at one are a specialist SEO agency serving Chester and Cheshire that can help you increase your leads, sales, and brand visibility.

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Now that’s what we call SEO ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Now think about it, how many times do buyers and customers search for your products every day, but end up going to a competitor because they’re at the top of the search engines?
Be it Builders Chester, Make-Up Artist Chester, even if your service is better value, when it comes to those customers you’re nowhere to be seen. But the worst part is that they’re ready to buy.
But you’ll surely get some traffic on the second page right?
96% of people click results on the first page. In fact, 70% of people click the top 4 results.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
first page.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
top 4 results.

An Acquainted SEO Agency in Chester

Every day SEO is changing. Broad core algorithm updates are becoming more and more frequent, with two updates just this year! Sheesh ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Keeping up with the changes in the SEO industry is a full time job. There’s no two ways about it.
So imagine adding a full time job on top of your current full time job managing your business.
That’s why SEO agencies like ours exist. We live and breathe SEO, so when Google so much as hints at an algorithm change, we’re on it. Applying our industry expertise to your business. We have our finger on the pulse to make sure your business thrives online.

Why Us? We’re the best SEO Service in Chester.

We’re confident that we provide the best SEO service in Chester that money can buy. Why? We’re a new player in the agency market. We have a point to prove.
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We want to reward those companies who chose us with phenomenal results that they could only dream of elsewhere. With Found at one, you’re not a small client in a big agency that keeps the revenue flowing in. You’re a big part of our upward trajectory. We want to succeed, and we want you to join us.
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When you’re looking for SEO in Chester, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

With our SEO insight, and cooperation from your business, we can help to:

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How We Deliver Phenomenal Results.

Site Auditing

A deep audit is our first port of call. It’s a fundamental part of ensuring your site is SEO competent, and to ensure we’re working on the right things. Despite many SEO principles being the same, SEO isn’t a one size fits all job. Some industries are treated differently by Google like medical and financial industries.

Once our audit is complete, we can begin work on your site, focussing on the elements that’ll get you a decent return on investment as quick as possible. But one thing we always reiterate is that SEO is a long term goal. You may get some short term wins, you may not. To put it simpler, SEO is the tortoise, and paid advertising is the hare.

Competitor Analysis

We then look at the competition in your industry. Our aim is to not just emulate the best in class but to eventually beat them. We look at what they do that you don’t, but also take into consideration strengths that you have that they don’t, to give you a competitive advantage.

Content Strategy

It’s cliche but it’s true. Content really is king. Even if we ironically type this from a macbook, it’s important to doff our caps to Bill Gates on that one. With our content strategy, we try and make some gains on some of the content gaps discovered in the initial audit and competition analysis supplemented by our keyword research.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important. But as we mentioned previously, content is king. We’ve seen many sites with poor site speed, littered with 404 error codes that still manage to rank highly on Google, but we very rarely see a site with poor content and good technical SEO reaching those search engine peaks. That being said, whilst most of the time we deter the technical SEO elements later on, we judge this on a case by case basis. If you’re in need of technical SEO imminently then that’s what we’ll focus on.

Content pruning and link building

SEO is something that should be a part of your business long term. Good SEO will last you a few months, but it only takes one algorithm update to expose the lack of work you’ve done in the months since then. So it’s one of them things that needs regular attention, like a newly planted bush, it needs pruning. Updating old content and producing fresh and more relevant content is the key to maintaining your position. But link building is vitally important too. Once you’re in the top spot, it’s important to stay there, and a continuous link building strategy along with content pruning is the best way to do that.

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