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S’appenin Liverpool πŸ‘‹ If you’re looking to get more number one rankings than the fab four or the fab two (Camelphat for all you oldies) then you’re in the right place. Found at One are a specialist SEO Agency in Liverpool with a track record of delivering exceptional results on the search engines.

You Searched SEO Liverpool.
You Found us.

Magic right? That’s SEO in action right there.
Of all the countless other agencies offering SEO in Liverpool, you found us. That speaks volumes. Just sayin’ 😎
But think about it, how many builders, electricians, beauty therapists are there in Liverpool? Every day, web users in Liverpool are searching for these types of services and more. But only a select few get the business. And they tend to be on the first page.
And the second page dwellers? They don’t get a sniff.
Even if they have a superior service, the business with the best SEO is always going to win. But surely if you’re on the second page you’ll get something right? Well, yes. If you call less than 4% of clicks something.
Research indicates that 96% of searches click on the first page, and 70% click on the top 4 results. SEO really does pay if you’re on the top half of the first page.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
first page.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
top 4 results.

An Acquainted SEO Agency in Liverpool

SEO and change are pretty much synonymous with each other. The algorithm is constantly changing, and Google have already changed theirs twice this year.
Yikes 😰
Keeping up to date with these changes and making adjustments to your site to combat them is a full time job. And on top of all the other day to day runnings of your business, that is not ideal at all.
But it’s why SEO agencies like ours exist. We live and breathe SEO, so that we can ride the storm of the constantly changing algorithm and maintain a bit of stability πŸ„β€β™€οΈ. This way, our clients get a steady flow of leads each month, and can focus on the thing they love the most, their business.

Why Us? We’re the best SEO Service in Liverpool.

Well we were never going to say we were just alright were we? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
But in all seriousness, we genuinely believe we are the best SEO agency in Liverpool.
We’re the new kid on the block. Despite our years of SEO experience, Found at One is only two years old. So we have a point to prove. But even more than that, we’ve got brand new methods and techniques to SEO that we know aren’t being utilised by other agencies. And we’re ready to bring them to the table for our clients and smash the competition out of the park. With us, you’re not just a small client in a huge agency that helps level the books. You’re a big part of our journey forward, and we want to be a part of yours.
We’re moving forward as a business, and we want ambitious Liverpudlian businesses to join us.
So, you in?

When you’re looking for SEO in Liverpool, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

With our SEO insight, and cooperation from your business, we can help to:

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How We Deliver Phenomenal Results.

Site Auditing

It all begins with a full SEO audit of your site. This is the crucial part of the whole process because it ensures that we’re working on the right things for your business and allows us to focus on key areas of SEO competence that you may be lacking in the most.
SEO isn’t a one size fits all. Even Google treats different industries different. So following on from an audit you can expect a bespoke strategy,
When we’ve completed your SEO Audit, we then get to work. We focus on the areas that you’re really lacking and the low hanging fruit…the areas that’ll get you the biggest ROI the quickest. But as we say to all of our clients, SEO isn’t a quick win strategy. In the tale of the tortoise and the hare, SEO is the tortoise and paid ads are the hare.

Competitor Analysis

Following the audit, we have a little spy on your competitors with a competitor analysis πŸ•΅οΈ.
We look at both their strengths and weaknesses to see which areas of their business we can emulate, but also what areas of weakness we can capitalise on to gain an advantage.

Content Strategy

Some things are inevitable in life. Death, taxes, and an SEO agency telling you that content is king 🀴
But we wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. The days of spamming keywords in your content to please the search engines doesn’t work anymore, to a degree. The best way to get higher up in the search engines is to get your content on point. Engaging. Helpful. Insightful content is the way to every web users hearts, and Googles. So based on this, we formulate a content strategy that suits your audience, keeps them on your website longer and creates a favourable and long lasting image of your business in their heads.

Technical SEO

If content is king, then technical SEO is surely queen πŸ‘Έ. Technical SEO is still an important part of SEO, and previous algorithm updates indicate that too. Typically the technical elements of your site are looked at last. Not because it isn’t important. But because in our experience, you have more chance of ranking a technically poor site with great content than the reverse.
However, we’re always sure to offer the best solution for your business. If the audit indicates that you need to focus on technical SEO as a priority, then we’ll always do that. All the work we do and the order we do it in is on a case by case basis.

Content pruning and link building

We mentioned earlier that SEO is a long term strategy. Well, content pruning and link building are big parts of that long term work. Content isn’t something that can just be left and maintain rankings. Decent content that ranks will be timely and relevant. But being timely means that it will often go out of date. Like a bush, your content needs pruning from time to time to ensure the rankings stay the same βœ‚ 🌳
As well as content pruning, you need links. Link building is a massive industry in SEO and some businesses do exclusively that. Links can often be the thing that moves the needle when nothing else will, which makes them very valuable. Link building also helps to ensure your content holds it’s position, but also increases your brand exposure and lead potential too.

Grow your
business fast.

It’s time to take your Liverpool business to the next level with SEO.