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Whoever said it was lonely at the top were not talking about SEO. Being at the top of Google is a sure fire way of getting more customers, so if getting more customers through the search engines is what you’re after, or you’re just lonely, you’re in the right place.

You Searched SEO Wirral.
You Found us.

That right there is the beauty of SEO.
Now just imagine if it was your business.
Electrician Wirral, Builder Wirral…These types of queries are searched all day, but only a select few get the clicks.
Now think about it, how many times do potential customers search for your service but end up going to a competitor? Even if you know that you offer better value for money, whoevers bossing the search engines will have a monopoly on those customers.
So you’re not on the first page, surely you’ll get some leads right?
Nope. Nada. Zilch.
Statistics actually reveal that 96% of people click results on the first page. And in total 70% of searches go to the top 4 results.
So even if you are on page one, it’s all about the top 4.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
first page.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
top 4 results.

SEO Wirral

An Acquainted SEO Agency in Wirral

Every day is a new day in SEO. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, in fact they’ve already released two broad core algorithm updates this year.
Jeeez 😰
SEO is a full time gig. But it’s why SEO agencies like ours exist. Our daily life is monitoring SEO for a multitude of clients. Yes we live and breathe it. Yes we are nerds 🤓
But by monitoring it for other clients, we know what works and what doesn’t, and can apply that insight to your business. But even better than that, with our finger on the pulse we’ll ensure you’re always ahead of the game with any algorithm changes. So you have a constant flow of inbound leads.

Why Us? We’re the best SEO Service in Wirral.

We would say that though, wouldn’t we?
But we genuinely believe we are the best SEO Service in Wirral.
Why? We’re a new player in the agency market. We have a point to prove. We’ve got modern methods that we know other agencies aren’t implementing.
We want you as a case study. But the only way we can do that is providing phenomenal results for your business.
With us, you’re not a small fish in a big agency pond to keep the revenue ticking over. You’re part of our journey up, and we’re part of yours. We know we’re going up, and we want you along for the ride. So how about it, you in?

SEO Wirral

When you’re looking for SEO in Wirral, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

With our SEO insight, and cooperation from your business, we can help to:

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How We Deliver Phenomenal Results.

Site Auditing

First things first, we start with a site audit. It’s a fundamental part of ensuring the SEO competence of your site and to give us an idea of the more pressing things that need sorting and things that can wait further down the line. Whilst many of the principles in SEO are the same, they still require an individual bespoke audit because Google treats different industries differently e.g Medical, Financial and Gambling websites. Put it simply, it’s not a one size fits all.
Once the audit is complete we’ll then proceed work on the site. Our bespoke plan will highlight low hanging fruit which we’ll work on straight away to ensure you get an ROI as quickly as possible. But we always reiterate that SEO is no short term plan, it’s always a long term strategy. SEO is the tortoise, paid advertising is the hare.

SEO Wirral Site Audit

SEO Wirral Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Next, we take a good old luck at your competitors. Analysing their strengths and weaknesses. Looking at what we should emulate for your business, and what we should capitalise on to give you the best advantage possible.

Content Strategy

We know you’ve heard it before. And yes we’re still going to say it.
Content is king 🤴
Having decent, engaging content on your website not only pleases your users, but it pleases the search engines. The days of spamming your pages with keywords are gone. To a level.
Content that keeps your users glued to the page. Despite the fact Google has never confirmed this, our insight tells us that content that keeps users on the page ranks higher. And the only way to keep them on the page is to provide world class content.

SEO Wirral Content Strategy

Technical SEO Wirral

Technical SEO

So now we’re going to really get our nerdy groove on 🤓
Enter; Technical SEO. It’s important. In fact, it’s growing in importance judging by recent algorithm updates.
Typically we look at the technical elements of your site last of all. Why? well as we mentioned, content is king. In our experience, we’ve seen very poor technical sites rank highly with fantastic content, but we very rarely see the reverse.
That being said, every SEO case is different. With a bespoke audit, comes a bespoke plan. If we feel that technical SEO is a priority, we’ll prioritise it. When we implement technical SEO is on a case by case basis, instructed by out initial bespoke audit at the start.

Content pruning and link building

Content isn’t something that can just be left to gather dust. It needs pruning and refining to stay at the top, and content pruning should be a long term part of your SEO strategy. It’s a lot easier to maintain your rankings by constantly pruning and updating your content than it is to leave it, lose your rankings, and regain that position. Like a newly planted bush, it needs pruning.
In addition to this, it needs links. Link building is a big industry in SEO, because a lot of businesses see their biggest growth through links. As well as content pruning, link building is also applied to maintain your position long term.

SEO Wirral Link Building

Grow your
business fast.

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