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If you’re a business in North Wales looking to ramp up your SEO then you’re in the right place. Found at one have their roots in North Wales, with a Wrexham born and Flintshire bred Director at the helm, helping businesses in North Wales thrive online means a little bit more to us.

You Searched SEO Wrexham.
You Found us.

You’ve just seen SEO in action. Think about how many people per day search for business services in your area. Be it Plumbing Wrexham, Electricians Wrexham…It’s competitive. But the ones on the first page of Google reap all of the rewards. And the ones on the second page? They don’t get a look in. When you’re at the top of the search engines, you get a monopoly on all those searches.
Ker-ching indeed.

Research indicates that 96% of organic search clicks go to results on the first page. Meaning that only 4% look for results after this. Can you justify getting less than 4% of the clicks?


Of organic search
clicks go to the
first page.


Of organic search
clicks go to the
top 4 results.

An Acquainted SEO Agency in Wrexham, North Wales.

SEO is constantly changing.
Infact Google has already updated the algorithm twice this year. Yikes! 😯 These changes are really difficult to keep up with when you’ve got a business to run.
Accounting, operations, sales. They all take time. So adding SEO onto the ever expanding list of things to do can really complicate things.
That’s why many outsource their SEO to us. Because if Google so much as hints at a change, we’re on it, applying our insight to strengthen your business.

Why Us? Together, Stronger.

Our roots are firmly placed in Welsh soil.
We want to put our good work to use on Businesses in Wales.
We want ambitious North Walian companies to thrive. Why?
When you thrive, so does our economy, so does our community. So we’re that extra bit passionate about providing the best SEO services in Wrexham and North Wales. We’re passionate about getting results for any business that chooses us. But helping businesses in our local community feels that extra bit special.
When we work together, we’re stronger.

When you’re looking for SEO in Wrexham, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

We like to see ourselves as the Paul Mullin of SEO Agencies. But what can you expect from an SEO agency that deems themselves in such high regard?

Let’s talk Wrexham SEO

If you’re wondering if your business needs SEO, wanting to know more about us or would like a free no obligation quote on our Wrexham SEO services then please fill the form and we’ll be back in touch within 24 hours. Diolch.

Our Process to SEO Perfection.

Site Auditing

First, we audit your website for errors. This is a crucial stage of the journey because we can plan out how to get your business ranking to the top of the search engines for your desired search term.
Once we’ve audited your website we’ll implement a plan to ensure you see results as quickly as possible, but we always maintain that when it comes to results, SEO is the tortoise, and paid ads are the hare. SEO is a slower process, but the results can last a lot longer.

Wrexham SEO Audit

Competitor Analysis

The second part of our process is competitor analysis. What are your competitors doing that you’re not? What are you doing that they’re not? Why are they ranking and where are they getting al of their leads from? Our aim is to match them initially, but the overriding goal is to beat them with effective SEO.

Content Strategy

This is the main juice of SEO. We’ve all heard the old adage that content is king, and it’s true. Within our content strategy we try and recoup some of those content gaps we’ve found in our audit and competitor analysis. All instructed by our keyword research.

Technical SEO

Errors from your previous audit will enlighten us of any technical seo issues that are holding your website back. We’re looking at your Site speed, Internal linking, http error codes, indexability and crawlability. We normally look at the technical elements later on for most clients as we find this works best, but all processes are completed on a case by case basis, so if we feel you need technical work straight away we’ll do that.

Content pruning and link building

SEO is a long term strategy. It requires regular content and content pruning. So that means constantly pruning your content and updating it to keep in line with Google’s guidelines as well as producing fresh content on top of this. You also need to look at building links to increase your domain authority. Over time, when you achieve results, many think that it’s time to stop. But it’s important to keep going to maintain your position, as an increase in positions means that competitors may try and take your position back.

Grow your
business fast.

It’s time to take your Wrexham business to the next level with SEO.