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Social Media is a sure fire way of increasing your businesses exposure and leads. The caveat? Time. Lot’s of it. For many businesses, social media is often a neglected afterthought. They miss huge opportunities for growth by not engaging with potential long term customers. Customers who’ll champion their brand, recommend it to others and improve their brand’s reputation. Found at One can make sure you’re not that brand.

Social media that vibes and drives.

Found at one specialise in creating captivating social media campaigns that supplement your wider content marketing strategy. 
Our aim is to create content that vibes. And content that vibes is absolutely pivotal to any successful social media marketing strategy.  With every new client we take on, we undertake meticulous research into their brand and the industry they operate in. This initial research allows us to develop a personalised strategy that delivers the engaging content their customers want to see, along with the brand image they want to promote. We’re committed to providing social media marketing that delivers for our clients. Social media marketing that looks good to your customers, and even better on your bottom line.


Of customers who’ve
had a good experience
with a brand on social media would
recommend it to others.


Of Social media executives
have confirmed plans to
increase social media budgets
in the next 3 years.

A Social Media agency with their finger on the pulse.

Things move fast in the world of social media marketing. It’s where trends are made. Where opportunities are discovered, and a place where saying the right thing at the right time can bring virality and superstardom to your business. But it isn’t easy.
Keeping up with these trends and opportunities requires an immense amount of flexibility and agility as a business, not to mention the extra time resource.
We’re a social media agency with our fingers on the pulse. Be it the algorithm changes, trends, or future opportunities. We’re constantly monitoring changes and trends in the industry to ensure our clients get the best possible ROI on their social media budget. We want your social media to work for you.

Infectious Social Media Marketing for ambitious brands

Social media marketing is ruthlessly competitive. Back in 2013, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information concluded that the average attention span had fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This means, you’ve got 8 seconds to engage your audience. Yikes 😯
For Social Media Marketing to work, you need to engage your audience properly. Social Media Marketing that galvanises your audience can no longer be a feature of a business, but a prerequisite to a successful digital marketing strategy. And a supplement to your ambitious business plans going forward.

When you’re looking for a Social Media Marketing agency, there’s only one choice. Found at One.

With our Social Media Marketing insight combined with your businesses cooperation and ambition, we can help to:

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Platforms we work with


Facebooks had its fair share of bad press in recent years, with many dubbing it the mum and dad network due to its sharp decline in Gen Z usage and incline in “Boomer” usage. Despite this, the social network is still dominated by the younger audience, and the undisputed king of social networks when it comes to usage. With over 2.5 billion users and over 1.6 billion of those being daily users, it isn’t a social network to be overlooked.


With 66% of its users male, many have deemed Twitter a mans world. Twitter is an extremely popular platform for discovering news, with almost a quarter of its users being journalists, and posits a great opportunity for reactive newsjacking strategies. It is also noted that 67% of all B2B’s are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool, presenting itself as a platform well worth consideration.


Instagram has seen huge growth in recent years and is an extremely attractive platform if you’re looking to target younger audiences, with over half of its users under the age of 34. 2020 will see its 10th anniversary and is set to increase on its 53 minute average daily usage rate. With 90% of its users following a business page, its a platform with plenty of opportunity.


We love LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fantastic B2B social network and a brilliant lead generator if used correctly. It has 660 million users worldwide and is the second most popular platform for B2B marketers behind Facebook but is a more favoured option for acquiring leads. Here at Found at one, we offer both company page management and Linkedin profile management services to our clients.


The new kid on the block has well and truly cemented its position as one of the most used social media platforms. Those looking to target the younger generations should look no further with stats revealing that almost half of it’s active accounts belonging to those aged between 10 and 29 years. The platform has seen 210% year on year increase in engagement  since 2019 and is currently the most engaging app with an average session length of 52 minutes.


Depending on your industry, Pinterest can be a fantastic platform to engage with. Pinterest can be incredibly useful as part of your SEO strategy for long tail “idea” keywords. This platform is fairly female dominated with 60% of its users being female, and millenial women in particular comprising 30.4% of its ad audience. With 450 million monthly active users, it’s an underrated platform with bags of potential.

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