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The social media agency that vibes.

Found at one are experts in creating enthralling social media campaigns that can feed into your wider content marketing strategy.  Our mantra is to create content that vibes, and the same applies to your social media marketing.  With every new client we take on, we undergo research within the brand and  industry it operates in to gain an insight into the audience and develop a personalised strategy thats engaging and conveys your brand values the best way possible. We’re committed to providing social campaigns that deliver for our clients, but our solid commitment and unrivalled enthusiasm for creating infectious social media marketing is what makes us different. 

Infectious Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is ruthlessly competitive. Back in 2013, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information concluded that the average attention span had fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This means that you have a mere 8 seconds to engage your audience – tough crowd. In 2022, many predict this average attention span to be even lower than before, so it’s absolutely pivotal that you understand your audience. Producing infectious social media marketing that galvanises your audience can no longer be a feature of your businesses marketing strategy, but a prerequisite to a successful digital marketing strategy. 

The importance of Social Media Marketing.

Many businesses that we’ve spoken to view social media as  an afterthought, mostly posting content with next to zero engagement to merely tick a box. On average, we spend 3 hours a day on social media, meaning that almost 20% of our waking hours is spent working out those thumb muscles, with many of us being guilty of spending a heck of a lot more than that (we’re not judging 👀). With all that time spent, it presents a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our audiences. With the right social media strategy, you can reach new audiences, acquire new leads and build your brands authority, trust and personality. Social media marketing shouldn’t be viewed as a trivial task, it should supplement your wider marketing strategy.

Platforms we work with.


Facebooks had its fair share of bad press in recent years, with many dubbing it the mum and dad network due to its sharp decline in Gen Z usage and incline in Boomer usage. The network is still dominated by the younger audience, and the undisputed king of social networks when it comes to usage. With over 2.5 billion users and over 1.6 billion of those being daily users, it isn’t a social network to be overlooked.


Instagram has seen huge growth in recent years and is an extremely attractive platform if you’re looking to target younger audiences with over half of its users under the age of 34. 2020 will see its 10th anniversary and is set to increase on its 53 minute average daily usage rate. With 90% of its users following a business page, its a platform with plenty of opportunity.


With 66% of its users male, many have deemed Twitter a mans world. Twitter is an extremely popular platform for discovering news, with almost a quarter of its users being journalists, its posits a great opportunity for reactive news jacking strategies. It is also noted that 67% of all B2B’s are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool, presenting itself as a platform well worth consideration.


We love LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fantastic B2B social network and a brilliant lead generator if used correctly. It has 660 million users worldwide and is the second most popular platform for B2B marketers behind Facebook but is a more favoured option for acquiring leads. Here at Found at one, we offer both company page management and Linkedin profile management services to our clients.


The new kid on the block has well and truly cemented its position as one of the most used social media platforms. Those looking to target the younger generations should look no further with stats revealing that almost half of it’s active accounts belonging to those aged between 10 and 29 years.  The platform has seen 210% year on year increase in engagement  since 2019 and is currently the most engaging app with an average session length of 52 minutes.


Depending on your industry, Pinterest can be a fantastic platform to engage with. Pinterest can be incredibly useful as part of your SEO strategy for long tail “idea” keywords. This platform is fairly female dominated with 60% of its users being female, and millenial women in particular comprising 30.4% of its ad audience. With 450 million monthly active users, it’s an underrated platform with bags of potential.

Why do I need a Social media agency?

Back in 2018, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg revealed algorithm changes to the social network in order to encourage more meaningful social interactions. This was seen by many within the digital marketing landscape as a pushback on brands that were pushing content by the bucket load, with minimal and meaningless engagement or “passive engagement”.  This actually caused a big issue with Facebook, as many migrated to other platforms. The update which made for a better experience for users, made it even harder for brands to connect with their audiences, thats why it requires an agency with experience, expertise and up to date knowledge of the latest algorithm changes, strategies and insight to manage your social media marketing efforts.

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