The low-down.

Supershroom are providers of mushroom based supplements, and required a new website and some minor SEO work to increase their visibility online.

Organic Growth 🍄


It was important that Supershroom saw an increase in visibility on Google, and we knew that we could get there through delivering exceptional content and backlinks. Found at one were tasked with improving the backlink profile and increasing the content on the site for long tail keywords. Following this, the site gained a 117% increase in organic traffic.

UX at the forefront.

Supershrooms old site wasn’t fit for purpose. It was clunky, hard to navigate and didn’t really promote the range of products available. The designers at Found at one developed a site that was able to promote their vast array of products. With this, we managed to decrease the bounce rate by 60% and increase conversions by a whopping 120%

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